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TL:DR version: I’m making lists of eduTwitter. To join your respective lists, follow us @SeeHearTeach.

  • make sure you have your key characteristics in your Twitter bio (e.g. ‘Primary teacher’ / ‘Maths teacher’)
  • it helps a lot if you indicate your location: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or a country globally is fine
  • follow @SeeHearTeach and I’ll add you to the appropriate lists detailed below; you can also DM me any relevant details.


One weekend in September 2020 I decided that I wanted a way to quickly look at different segments of eduTwitter. I’m sure there are lots of eduTwitter lists out there but I was keen to do one meeting the following criteria:

  • as comprehensive as possible: this is the start of a long-term project
  • UK-focused, but with lists that enable educators to look the different education systems of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It should also be feature educators from around the world
  • Lists for each subject, and for subject specialisms in primary
  • Lists for different types of individuals who are not classroom teachers or SLT.

It quickly became clear this was no small job: over the opening weekend of the project, over 200 separate lists were created. Most new additions now fall into one of those lists, but new ones are added as necessary to ensure that everyone is filed correctly.

How it works

Unless a tech genius can program it for me, I don’t know any way to do this other than a painstaking manual trawls through Twitter bios. Starting with people connected to my @SeeHearTeach and @mr_raitt accounts, I’m using the brilliant Twitter List Manager, which provides me with the bios of followers, and a large grid of all my lists.

Then, all it takes is a few epic playlists on Spotify …

How to join the lists

I’m trying to add as many people as I can through my efforts to go through eduTwitter conversations and followers of relevant accounts. However, if you’d like to get on to the lists without any delay, just follow.

  • Follow @SeeHearTeach on Twitter
  • Make sure you have enough detail in your twitter bio for me to add you to the right lists:
    • Your phase (EYFS, Primary, Secondary)
    • Your subjects (including any specialism for primary teachers)
    • Your general location (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or any other country internationally is fine, but feel free to be more specific)
    • Any other interests.
  • If you prefer, you can DM me the information instead.

The Lists

As of 20:15 on Sunday, 13 September, there are 157 lists with a total of 765 list members (an average number of 4.8 educators per list) … but this is very early days. We hope to make the lists grow steadily over the next few weeks and months.

  • Lists by other categories including:
    • General education accounts (UK and Global)
    • Consultants, Educational Psychologists
    • Resource creators, Podcasters
    • Equality and SEND
    • Conferences, Festivals, Subject Organisations
    • Exams, Assessment, Curriculum
    • Politicians

Lists by country



Secondary / FE

Colleagues in FE are also found in the FE lists below


  • FE lecturers
  • FE SLT

HE & teacher education

Adult education & community learning




Secondary / FE

Colleagues in FE are also found in the FE lists below

ASN providers


HE & teacher education

Adult education & community learning




Secondary / FE

  • MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)


Northern ireland

UK-Wide Lists



International Schools

International Schools using English as the main language; mainly those using UK-style exams or IB. Educators will also appear in their appropriate category for their country of origin, where this is known.

Other global categories

Lists by phase / Type of institution



Subject specialisms

Lists of all educators globally with this specialism in regard to primary education

secondary / fe

State Secondary Schools


UK Private Schools

Vocational training

International Schools

International Secondary: English-medium, mainly teachers with strong links to the UK

PRimary? Secondary?

A number of SLT accounts make it very difficult to tell whether or not the person is in a Primary or Secondary school. These lists are of those accounts. If you are on one of these, do let us know which main account to put you into, as those have a much greater utility for others on eduTwitter.

SEND / ASN / Alternative

HE & Teacher Education

Teacher Education

  • England (also includes the various new non-HEIs involved in teacher education)
  • Scotland (including CLPL specialists outside universities)
  • Global



  • HEI outreach into primary and secondary schools
  • HE pedagogy: global accounts with a specific interest in teaching and learning in universities


Local and national governance

education organisations

Lists by subject

All subjects in this section relate to Secondary schools except where specified as ‘Primary’, ‘UK’ or ‘Global’.








English & Literacy

Modern Foreign Languages




Citizenship / Modern Studies





  • P4C / PWC (Philosophy for/with Children)
  • Philosophy (Post-16 exam subject)
    • England
    • Scotland: see teachers of RMPS below

Religious Education


Art & Design

    • England
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • Northern Ireland
    • Global
    • Primary specialists

Media Studies


Physical Education

Arts organisations

with education programmes (e.g. theatres, orchestras, galleries)

Lists by other categories



Educational Psychologists

Resource creators

  • Resource Creators
  • Podcasters

Former teachers

Who retain an active interest in education

Educators in society

People with an involvement in education who may not be full-time educators; they may work in positions in industry or the third sector



  • Black Lives Matter educators
    • UK
    • International
  • LGBT+
    • UK
    • International

Special education needs & disabilites

All of these lists have a global reach, except where a bulleted list of countries is provided.

Parents, carers, Governors

Subject organisations


with an interest in education

Other interests

Linked Professions



with an interest in education


These categories are largely administrative. However, if you are involved in education and appear on one of these lists, please let me know which of the proper categories you belong to!